The future of advertising?

Posted on March 13, 2007 15:38 by phil

If you’ve walked down church street in Liverpool recently, you’ll have probably noticed a new electronic advertising display. It’s big, cylindrical and very noisy because inside it there is a fast moving, rotating drum with a number of red, green and blue LED’s.
Now, although I’m willing to accept that a 360 degree display might have applications for advertising in a crowded area, I’m not quite sure I’m convinced by this..
Surely the main reason to use an electronic display for advertising is the ability to remotely or dynamically update the content?
Church St. is a longish shopping street, with two way pedestrian traffic.

That being the case, a cheaper, larger, better quality and more reliable solution would have been to use two back to back, conventional outdoor LCD screens.
I think that the main thing about the 360 degree approach that bothers me is the moving parts. Noisy, wasteful, inelegant… 360 is good, but just not useful on this site. That makes it a gimmick.

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