Tom Coates seems to have a bee in his bonnet (sorry Tom..) about PR at the moment and it’s all been kicking off over at his blog…
“As far as I’m concerned, an unsolicited press release is quite literally no better than spam.”


I think this is an inevitable “Problem of Success” which has arisen because an individuals *personal* weblog has gained an unusual level of profile. Naturally, this is attracting PR attention.

Now although “Blog PR” is a new and powerful promotional tactic in the online marketing mix, this situation (and it is a situation!) serves as a warning.
Behind the blog is an individual who is unlikely to be a professional journalist.
The usual PR rules do not apply.

Approach with caution, care and a bit of social decorum. Imagine that some random approached you in the pub selling something you had no interest in. You get the picture.
So bearing in mind that the individual behind the blog is human and probably not a Journo (the two aren’t mutually exclusive of course!):

1. Template emails & press releases are obvious. Avoid.
2. Actually read the blog before you contact its owner
3. If your message has no fit with the content of the blog, DON’T APPROACH!
4. If it does, make your approach politely and above all, human.

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