There’s another interesting article on the BBC web site covering the continuing shift in focus from offline to online for those holding the media budget purse strings.
If you’ve been following this subject for any length of time ( I have for 10 years, but then I’m a big geek..) you will remember that Google beat Channel 4 for UK Advertising Revenue last year.

Channel 4 are the second biggest ad funded TV network in the UK, by the way.

This isn’t as astonishing as it sounds.

The BBC article points to the massive uptake in broadband as the principle driver for this phenomenon and in this they are partially right. Without the audience, nobody is going to advertise.
What they missed was, simply put, the sheer difference in accountability.

Lets be honest here – if I’m deploying media budget and I haven’t had my head under a rock for the last 10 years, I expect metrics – precise, key indicators. Not just audience demographics. Demographics are a given.

No, if I’m going to advertise, I need to know *exactly* how many of the audience are exposed to the message, what the ratio is for conversion to enquiries and sales, and it doesn’t stop there.
I’m quite happily accustomed to being able to drill down to single conversions in order to be able to see what keywords brought them to the sales messages, and the difference in sales based on any number of variables I might like to introduce, test, and maybe include into my campaigns.

Broadcast media simply cannot deliver this.

Press the red button now? Not even in with a chance.

Broadcast media are attempting to become interactive by adding elements like the red button or text messaging enquiries but they can never become “NarrowCast”

Right now, they are best suited to driving awareness and acting as the “push” to augment the “pull” of online, “On Demand” marketing techniques.
I’m not suggesting for an instant that offline is dead. Far from it.

Over the next few years, I’m hoping we will see offline media making more of integration with online, and playing to its strengths. There’s little reason why offline ad inventory can’t be auctioned in a similar way to online – there’s just the daily print and distribute time lag rather than instant updates but what the heck?
Why not add some value with an accountable enquiry service with a “Pay Per Enquiry” offering

And guess what?

Google are already doing it.

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